The Original Story 

English shoe design since 1936 

The Original Playboy brand dates back to 1936 when the first shoes were manufactured by English shoemaker Hutton in Northampton, England, an area renowned for the best shoemaking in the world. The design was so unique that it was quickly patented to safeguard the handmade shoes with the characteristic crepe sole construction. 

More than 80 years later, the shoes are still manufactured based on the old construction with well over 200 manual processes requiring high levels of classic shoemaking skills. It’s one of the most complicated shoes to manufacture, especially when it comes to attaching the characteristic piping and crepe foxing.  Also the same high quality materials are used today, like the 100% natural plantation rubber for the crepe sole and only the finest hunting suede and calf leather for the upper. 


Only one can be the Original 

The iconic design of The Original Playboy shoes has from time to time been the inspiration for look-alike models that have been mistaken for The Original Playboy shoes, but as it was written in an old Hutton’s advertisement already back in 1954: ‘There can be only one Playboy.’ That’s also the reason ‘The Original’ got attached to the Playboy name years later, to emphasize that only one brand can be The Original Playboy from 1936.¨ 


Iconic shoes worn by legends 

The Original Playboys reached icon status almost from the beginning, which was largely attributed to Hollywood stars who took a liking to the shoes, in particular one of the World’s hottest actors, Steve McQueen, who wore the Original Playboy chukkas in the 50s and well into the 70s both on and off screen. 

Steve McQueen, nicknamed The King of Cool for his masculine and timeless style, wore The Original Playboy Chukkas in most of the scenes in the movie Bullitt. It is often said that McQueen created a look in the movie, consisting of the suede Playboy chukkas, a cashmere turtleneck, an ivy style tweed jacket, charcoal slacks and a trench coat, that is still today synonymous with a timeless classic-cool style that never dates. 


Classics never go out of fashion 

The famous Hollywood era is a defining part of The Original Playboy legacy, but at the center of it all will always be the story of a unique, patented and masterly executed design. A design that has been kept alive, also after the English manufacturer discontinued its business in the 70s and the brand shifted hands. 

For years, it’s been our privilege to ensure the legacy of the iconic brand, a story that’s inspired us bring back more of the original English designs. Including the shoes originally made for women back in the 50’s as part of our new Women’s Collection. 

We also made a thorough review of the construction to improve the fit for modern life as well as adjust the style for an even closer match with old English design. The appeal is forever clean, classic and timeless and as we like to say it:  

 The Original Playboys are classics that never goes out of fashion.