As the 1980s rolled around, Original Playboy shoes were very much a part of the exploding Hip Hop scene, known wearers being the Rocksteady Crew’s Popmaster Fabel and Ron La Retro, who, in 2019 went on to organise an exhibition titled ‘Forgotten Street Fashion’ at the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx, New York. Other famous wearers being Brooklyn’s own Beastie Boys.

During 1990’s and 2000’s a series of books by black authors documenting their youth in the 1960’s and 70’s saw release in the United States, among them.

Blood Posse. Phillip Baker. 1994 (1970s Brooklyn life)

On The Job, A Warrior in Blue by Lux Jameson. 2000 (1960s life onward)

Living to Tell, Collected Memoires by Eddy Douglas Brown. 2001 (1970s life)

Away from Mothers Watchful Eye by Jesse A, Mayfield. 2009 (1960s life)

The Rat That Got Away, A Bronx Memoir by Allen Jones. 2009 (1960s life)

The Pop-Up Kid, Secret Memoires of the Internationally Abused by Noah Jacobson. 2014 (1970s life)

The Kings of Dance, The History of Bronx Rock by Luis De Jesus. Jan 2015 (1970s life in the Bronx)