The 1970’s saw a rebranding as the shoes and chukka boots were rebranded as The Original Playboy, the heels and soles also became thicker and chunkier for a newer look. Again, advertising in the USA, Canada and Australia showed that exports continued to be strong. Previously, plain suedes and leathers had been Playboy’s mainstay, but now two-tone black and white brogues, elasticated sided, twin-buckled and multi-coloured combinations entered the range. The November 1971 issue of Ebony magazine, USA, carried ads by the Original Playboys new distributor, John Winter & Son of New Jersey, showing the above styles, the Playboy shoe was increasingly crossing over into street-style.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwoods’ Let It Rock shop on the King’s Road also stocked a rare custom-ordered pointed toe version of the Playboy shoe. Mid-decade, the pre-Stray Cats, back-to-the-roots British Rockabilly scene of the mid-70’s saw Playboy chukka shoes and boots worn with jeans and Donkey jackets, a reaction to the Rock ‘n’ Roll world of the longer-haired Teddy Boys with their increasingly brightly coloured drape jackets and creepers, which the rockabillies viewed with disdain. Clash manager Bernard Rhodes was also a wearer.