From 1960 Playboy UK adverts referred to the shoes as being “…built in a way so ingenious, so weatherproof, that we had to patent it. Handsome, comfortable shoes, for country and… Town-which is where the style-conscious men can wear Playboy and get away with it.”

Notably, the UK’s Daily Herald newspaper of May 12th, 1962, featured an article on British shoe exports stating that “The Playboy shoe with thick crepe soles, popular with British teenagers.” was receiving strong sales in Sweden, this was the beginning of Playboy’s long-term adoption by the Scandinavian countries.

Increased market share and prominence in North America, where the shoe had become known as The Royal Play Boy, resulted in a series of adverts by stockists in many cities. In 1961, Ogilvy’s in Ontario, Canada, stocked the unlined version internally stamped at the factory with the Playtime name, while fully lined Playboys were internally stamped with the Playflex name.

The 1962 Student Yearbook of the North Carolina College showed Willie Hall, editor of the Campus Echo wearing his Playboy Chukka boots while checking out the college library. This was the period where Playboy shoes and Chukka’s really became adopted as part of the American Ivy League style which was to sweep the world during the mid-1960’s, as popularised by the Beach Boys and Steve McQueen which filtered into Mod fashion here in the UK. November 1968 saw Ricchard’s menswear shop advertising in the university town of Princeton’s Daily Princetonian, “The Royal Playboy by Hutton, with its Natural plantation crepe bottoms with foot cradling process.”