By 1936, Hutton had created a completely new style of shoe with its patented plantation cradle sole construction, the ‘Play-Boy’ as it was originally called. The new construction method involved attaching the natural Crepe rubber sole to the shoe by sewing it directly to the body, or ‘upper.’ As an accent, a piping detail was then sewn horizontally all around halfway up the sides of the shoe. The exposed join and lower part of the piping were then covered by an inch-high (2.5cm) strip of Crepe ribbon, or ‘foxing’ all around the sides of the shoe to complete the unit. The new shoe was marketed as “The Easiest Shoe In The World,” and for the first ten or so years of its production, the Playboy was aimed at the Sport and Leisure markets, described as being the ideal shoe for Golfing and walking, or, “Designed to cover both ‘Spectator’ and ‘Active sports occasions,” along with town wear.