Fall / Winter

We are pleased to introduce our Fall / Winter 2014 collection.

A collection with a various range of boots in many different qualities.
You will find leather and suede side by side with textile, all manufactured in Europe to keep up the best durability and more important quality.

Military boots in heavy leather suede combination, dress shoes for the businessman and fashionable Chelsea boots for the young guy.

All in all we have shoes for the demanding man who still wants to have fun - hence the name.

The Playboy Footwear brand has a long, iconic history in men's fashion dating back to the first original Playboy shoes produced in 1936 in England. We call them 'The originals’, since they were the first in the line of high quality shoes. But also because the original manufacturing principles have been kept alive all these years, only adjusted to improve the fit for modern life. Today, the originals are still some of the most complex and durable shoes to produce with a vast number of manual processes and a production time expanding over many weeks.
The shoes are definitely worth the wait though, with a flexible fit and a construction made to last year after year. Many owners of the original Playboy shoes would even say decades. The Playboy footwear brand has since the early beginnings with 'The originals' been expanded to include a wider selection of high quality shoes ranging from classic leather collections to modern leisure styles. At the heart of everything in Playboy Footwear is high quality shoemaking, where solid craftsmanship goes hand in hand with distinctive design. In 1936 as well as today.


Head of Sales
Charlotte Fabian
+45 3929 1833